But the greatest of these is LOVE

Grammar stops at love, and at art. ~Valentine Sterling

Friday, January 22, 2010

Never write a letter while you are angry. ~Chinese Proverb

Right.. I'll blog angry instead. So much for love. Thank God faith hasn't changed. Though, it's all contradicting at the moment..

Just when I thought things would be easier, it's like high school all over again. Except now, I'm 23 and trying more now than ever to move on from silly, petty fights about parties and emotional drama that, if other people want to be involved with it (people you care about) still causes more damage than necessary. I hate the feeling of not knowing if I have the right to be upset or really care about certain situations that have to do with loved ones. Right now, I refuse to care but because I'm acknowledging the fact that I don't want to care says  that I do care.

I hate this. Hate was not suppose to be part of this blog.

For all those who are suffering with things going on in the world. My prayers are with you. Any cross I can bare for you, I pray that God send it to me instead.


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