But the greatest of these is LOVE

Grammar stops at love, and at art. ~Valentine Sterling

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What do you do when your dog is sick?

I almost fainted today at the vet. It was awful. My dog has very bad gum disease.. abscessed tooth. Poor thing. He got shots and still can't walk to well after all of them. It's hard having pets. I don't think I'll let my kids get one. It's too painful to watch them get old so fast. I can't imagine and  don't want to know what its like to have kids anytime soon either!!
I'm definitely grateful that It wasn't anything too serious that couldn't be treated right away. -Thank you St. Francis!!

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  1. if love, pain
    if no love, indifference
    if pain life
    if indifference, the void:
    if life, hope