But the greatest of these is LOVE

Grammar stops at love, and at art. ~Valentine Sterling

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to. ~George Seaton

Common Sense.... I've learned that with love, common sense doesn't always work for me. It doesn't work because what would make sense to me always falls apart, and when something seems so unbelievable, faith and a big leap of faith, make me realize that logistics and love want nothing to do with one another.

I think when people try to plan, take things slow, fast, just be friends but act as a couple, date when they are still broken hearted in turn hurting other people, (maybe)...  We try to make sense of emotions and the past when we could just live in the present and let God do his work. I think people are sometimes afraid to admit that they don't have any control of a lot in life.  You plan for the future but as it's been said before, tomorrow is promised to no one. I'm not saying we shouldn't plan for the future but just remember to be thankful for every person in your life right now, the ones who have stuck around, got you to where you are and the people who aren't there that have helped you for a short time. Good or bad, you might have thought you were in control of who you were meeting.. but I think God puts people in and on our paths for a reason.. there is always a reason.


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  1. Ok so I should have read this one before commenting on the other. Since you worded some great points here so nicely for me. Your wise beyound your years and your faith and compassion is deserving of an easier road but God always uses his strongest on the tougher and harder paths because he knows they will make it through. Glad to have you in my life.

    Thank You